Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Than Meets The Eye

Rotary Park and Pond

At first glance you might just pass this park by.. DON'T! 
Take a closer look. There really is more up close and beautiful than that first glance may share. Rotary park has a small pond in an industry setting with views of railroad tracks and the old coal chute and coaling tower. You may also notice the lovely reflections of the towns water tower that ripple across the pond surface as you walk around the pond. In spring migrating waterfowl stop to rest and feed before heading back home. During my recent visits common golden eye, greater and lesser scaup, northern shoveler and common loon have come to visit the pond.

 Common Goldeneye coming in for a landing. 
They weren't here when I first arrived so this was very exciting to watch them arrive!

I think they like it here! 

A combined view sharing of a mix of Lesser and Greater Scaups enjoying their time at Rotary Pond.

A view of the top of the coaling tower behind the pond. A pigeon seems to have taken residency.

 A reflective view from the pond of the top of the coaling tower.

Northern Shoveler in the back pond. As you walk around the pond you will notice a smaller pond behind the main pond that is also being enjoyed by migrating visitors each spring.

This common loon was my favorite sighting this spring so far. We see them in our area for such a brief time each spring. I love to walk along the pond and watch them move across the water's surface as they look for their next meal. It is like water ballet. Such a beautiful bird!

The distance around the whole pond is a mile. 
It is a good walk with good views to enjoy along the way.

Rotary Park
1650 State Street
DeKalb, Illinois 60115


  1. Love your photos Debbie, and I love Rotary Park!

  2. Another spectacular job of photography and poetry, Debbie. Many, many thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Just beautiful.. and that is one thing I have kearned since retiring & having time to explore..If there is habitat, there is matter the surroundings.. One only has to stop & look! Golden Eye photos are spectacular!

  4. Sometimes places you least suspect will have beautiful wildlife. Great find, Debbie! I oohed and aahed while scrolling through your lovely water bird photographs. The loon images took my breath away.

  5. Great shots! Julie Gidwitz (above) recommended you blog, and I'm glad she did! Our software company ( is working on a bird identification program and we have an active Facebook page ( ) where we feature the work of a different photographer each week. We'd love to have the opportunity to feature your photography! If you're interested, please email Emily at Thanks!