Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Start Redstart


I had a WONDERFUL time in Ohio visiting the Magee Marsh Boardwalk during The Biggest Week In American Birding event. 
I saw, heard and photographed soooo many birds at the Marsh in addition to many other Ohio birding spots. My dilemma was choosing what bird to post first after finally getting a chance to go through the many photos I took. 
Because the American Redstart is one of my favorite warblers I thought, 'Redstart, what a great place to start!'  
Here are a few favorite views of the American Redstart from my visit. 
I saw 134 different species of birds during my stay. Incredible experience!

The bright spot of this day was seeing a Redstart and actually capturing a photo I am happy with.
The Redstart is not a nemesis bird for me, but WAS a nemesis capture.
The sun was shining, the bird was singing and I was snapping happily away.

A beautiful bird with a sharp, kind of garbled chippy song.
Zee, zee, zee, zee, zeet!

Below a serious looking Redstart is sharing his opinion, lol.

It was good exploring the boardwalk among experienced birders who share their knowledge.
I remember Birdchick sharing that this was probably a male, first or second year.
The presence of black feathers in the lores and throat suggest this possibility.
I love learning new things!

The furrowed brow and awesome expression on his face imply that he 
got up on the wrong side of the branch. Cracked me up.

Another gorgeous probably second year male American Redstart.

Farwell sweet Redstart, was very nice seeing you on the boardwalk!