Monday, April 9, 2012

Common Loon Visits DeKalb

A lovely Loon visits a park just a few blocks from my home.
Rotary Park is small but luckily attracted this Common Loon
while on it's migration path. I was thrilled by a report that DeKalb
was a chosen stop by this beautiful water bird.

It peacefully preened, stretched out it's wings then went back to preening
for quite a while as I stood quietly smiling on the edge of the pond while watching.

Then suddenly without warning it went from still to warp speed running across the pond.
I actually held my breath for a short moment while watching it run on top of the pond.
Outside of four Mallard and one Pied-billed Grebe the Loon had the run of the pond so to speak.

There is another small pond behind the main pond here. As I stood at the entrance to the pond,
the Loon suddenly flew over my head and landed in the water.
Within a minute it caught a fish and gobbled it down right in front of me!
The sun was facing the wrong direction for a good photo. I took pictures anyway.
I used my no time to think motto ... shoot now edit later.
These shots are really lightened up but I'm okay with that.
I love them because of the memory that is attached.

After the Loon ate the fish, it moved back farther toward the other side of the pond
and caught a larger fish. It was so big it took the Loon a few minutes to get it down.

A very satisfied Loon resumes a peaceful visit to a local pond in DeKalb, Illinois.


  1. Very cool Debby! Loons are a class act, and this one gave you quite a show! You captured its elegance very well, bravo!

  2. Debbie, glorious images of the Common Loon! How lucky for you that the loon decided to visit a pond so close to your residence. Great action captures of the loon chowing down on fish! It seems to be quite the skilled fisherman. I ventured out today in search of loons, but had no luck. At least I get to see the beautiful loon featured in your wonderful post. Great work, as always!

  3. ...loved this post. You have some great shots here! They always stay so far out in the lake where I live, and I don't get to see them very often!

  4. They are cool, great sighting and photos.

  5. Loons are so gorgeous. These are lovely photos Debbie!

  6. How lucky to have a Loon "park" right near you & then put on such a great show.. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I LIKE the new look for your blog; which probably means that I have spent all of my time following you on flickr and not checking your blog, bad Mary! You do know that I have never seen a Loon up close and personal, how unusually lucky you are to have been able to walk around the corner to see one.