Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birds ... Bean ... Best Wishes for 2012

The bean is fun in rain or shine ... a camera is a must.

Birdwatching also fun rain or shine.
Above a Sapsucker hangs out in what looks like a favorite tree.

A beautiful Black-throated Blue Warbler migrating through the area.

Delicious sap satisfies a hungry woodpecker, while the warbler
enjoys a few tasty tidbits left on the tree by a kind Samaritan.

More fun at the bean.

Happy .... cheesy smiles shine in the rain.

Best Wishes to you and yours ...
May 2012 bring you all things good,
from beans to birds and beyond.
Have a Nature-ally Beautiful 2012


  1. Happy New Year Debbie! Love the bean & the birds, especially that great little warbler!

  2. Happy New Year, Debbie!! I always love your photography!!

  3. Your photos of birds are great! I love the little warbler. I'm glad I found this blog. I'll be back.

  4. Wishing you and yours a Magnificent New Year!

  5. Hi Debbie! Looks like you all have a fun time either rain or shine. I was wondering if this is the little Black-throated Blue Warbler that is still in Millennium Park. Today I read that the bird hangs out with a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and feeds from the holes that the sapsucker creates. Very cool! Hope it fares well in cooler winter temperatures. Great photographs, as always!

    Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy 2012 filled with joy!

  6. Thank you everyone :) Yes Julie this is the BTBW from Millennium Park. The YBSS and warbler are sharing the same sap. Both are really close to busy traffic, cars and people. It is quite amazing to see in this setting and this time of year. I too hope they do well in the coming winter months. It has been a warm winter so far.

  7. How did I miss this? Lovely post Debbie. Happy 2012 to you too! :-)

  8. The Bean looks like a lot of fun! I love the umbrella... great colors! I can't wait to see what's next! Thanks Debbie!