Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wings On Wednesday

Montrose Harbor, Chicago
At the beach

A Ring-billed Gull spots a little something in Lake Michigan.

Hmmm ... looks interesting.

Could be tasty.

Got it.


But do I want it?

Not much taste, a little crunchy.

No thanks.

Think I'll leaf it behind.

This guy flew by so fast I had to wait till I got home
to see what it was on my computer.

Horned Grebe, a lifer for me!

Two Coot, too cute enjoying a little time on the beach.

Wishing you sunshine and a NATURE-ally Beautiful Day!


  1. What a fun series of photos! Congrats on the Horned Grebe lifer! What a beauty!

  2. Holy Moley! What great images, Debbie. That gull sequence is just amazing! Isn't it great to capture a wonderful series like that? Great job! And congrats on the Horned Grebe!

  3. Looks like you spent a wonderful day at Montrose, Debbie. I love the Ringed-bill Gull series. Congratulations on the Horned Grebe ... such beautiful birds. I saw 8 - 10 at Montrose not long ago. Great capture of the fly by Common Merganser. Fantastic images and post, as always!

  4. Beautiful the smiley face around the Merganser..

  5. Thanks everyone :) I really enjoyed the comedy of the Gull and leaf .. really made me laugh. The merganser and Horned Grebe sightings made my day!

  6. Brilliant flight shots,outstanding captures.

  7. Great birds and wonderful photos. Love merganser and the grebe.

  8. Wow! What a great series! Thanks for sharing.