Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wings On Wednesday

Montrose Harbor, Chicago
At the beach

A Ring-billed Gull spots a little something in Lake Michigan.

Hmmm ... looks interesting.

Could be tasty.

Got it.


But do I want it?

Not much taste, a little crunchy.

No thanks.

Think I'll leaf it behind.

This guy flew by so fast I had to wait till I got home
to see what it was on my computer.

Horned Grebe, a lifer for me!

Two Coot, too cute enjoying a little time on the beach.

Wishing you sunshine and a NATURE-ally Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

 Common Grackle

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Finches ... In Loving Memory

For my mother in law.
The last bird we discussed and viewed together at her backyard feeder.

 A beautiful red finch had been making frequent visits to her feeder.
What red finch was it she wondered? We got out her field guide and discussed the possibilities.

House Finch
A beautiful red head, forehead, neck and breast that get your attention right away. 
The reddish chest fades into unmistakable brown streaks throughout it's underparts.  


Purple Finch 
Purple? No, not even close. It's more like a raspberry red richness that flows softly down the head, neck and into the underparts. The Purple Finch lacks the brownish streaks that comb through the sides and belly of the male House Finch. 

We noticed there were no streaks on the underparts of the bird visiting her feeder.  The delicate raspberry shade gently washed down it's belly. A cheerful visit and view of a beautiful bird on our last visit together. A memory that will forever be cherished.