Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finchy Phenomenom

  Fabulous Feathers Molting into Spring Plumage  
 This beautiful American Goldfinch is beginning to change as spring begins.
You can see hints of brilliant yellow splotches emerging.
His beak is beginning to turn a bright orange as well.
Such a handsome little fellow.

A Pine Siskin and sweet Spring Goldfinch perched near a shared feeder.
In my backyard, a Summer male Goldfinch in a sunflower patch.
I am really looking forward to summer, sunflowers and Goldfinch.
Seeing the Spring Goldfinch has me thinking about Spring planting.
In a few weeks it will be time to sow a few sunflower seeds.
 A Goldfinch from late last fall .... 
plucking the petals to get to the good stuff.
 Mr. Goldfinch feeds a young finch last September in my yard.
 A young fall Goldfinch ...
Such beautiful colors. A beautiful bird any season.
Happy Spring!


  1. What a wonderful cute!!

  2. I agree - birds are beautiful in any season!
    Wonderful post!

  3. Lovely series Debbie. Our garden birds are well into their spring nesting activities.

  4. A wonderful, happy post filled with color! Lovely images, Debbie! I've just noticed the goldfinches are beginning to change to their more vibrant spring plumage. Love the male goldfinch feeding the youngster. Each and every photograph is splendid!

  5. Fantastic Goldfinch series, Debbie! Mine have been molting, too!

  6. Great post. I spent this afternoon in a blind shooting American and Lesser Goldfinch. They look like yours do.

    Beautiful pictures.

  7. Love the photos! Inspiring!

  8. Beautiful finchy series! lovely!