Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wondering Wings Wednesday

Birdwatching Identification Photography
While birdwatching in October I came across this little beauty.

My first impulse thought was American Goldfinch,
until I noticed the light gray head.

Thumbing through my field guides and online searches
led me to believe this is an Orange Crowned Warbler.
The gray upper parts, olive back and yellow under tail coverts, my tells.

The Orange Crowned Warbler is reported to be one the latest fall migrants.

I believe this bird to be a Prairie Warbler.

I love this warblers lanky legs.

The yellow greenish head, cheek stripe, yellow coverts
and black streaks on sides of neck and body were my tells.


I believe this series to be of the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

A sweet small bird with a very small beak.

Olive green color, white wingbars and eye ring were my tells.

Identification comments, corrections and tips welcome and appreciated.

Wishing you a Nature-ally Beautiful Day,
today and everyday.


  1. Oh Debbie - these are lovely! I am terrible at ID - and really terrible at warbler ID - but I think the last one is definitely a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. You got some GREAT shots here!!

  2. Such wonderful shots!! I have a very hard time ID'ing several of the warblers. I'm no help in that department but I certainly enjoyed your post!!

  3. WOW!! You really got some great exciting! Very pretty little birds!

  4. You got me studying your bird carefully. Wish I coud have zoomed in on it some. I think you are correct - seems like a relatively long tail, short primaries, and dark eye line, all of which are highlighted by Sibley. That's one of the things that I love about photographic bird watching - we get 2nd 3rd 4th chances to get the id right. Prairie Warbler I agree.

  5. Beautiful photos..I believe you are correct on the IDs.. Chris knows best!

  6. Debbie, beautiful photographs of some lovely birds. I believe you have identified them all correctly. I have what I think is an Orange-crowned Warbler on my latest blog (seen in October) on what looks like the same plant. Both of our birds look very similar. I love how you can see the Prairie Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet balancing on the branches. Excellent post and images ... as always!

  7. Great photos! I love the kinglet- I saw a few of them today but it was overcast and I was in the woods. These little guys were so fast I couldn't get a sharp image.