Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hook, Line ... Sinker

 How He Captured My Heart 
Photographing the White-breasted Nuthatch
 The Pause and Point
It is what it is, but I see what I see. Let me explain.
What it is: Common nuthatch behavior. 
The White-breasted Nuthatch often pauses,
then points while foraging up and down a tree.
He is just getting a better view point of his surroundings.
What I see: A model posing for me.
Look at that profile, that chiseled beak.
It appears through my rose colored viewfinder that this handsome statuesque behavior
is a proud pose intended to be noticed, photographed and shared.

Slate gray and navy blue beauty shines while he searches.

Silently slinking along branches then up and down the trunks of trees
investigating every nook, cranny, crevice and crack until ...
his beak appears to be swallowed whole as he plunges in for that tasty tidbit.

His curious nature was captivating.

Another it is what it is but I see what I see moment.
I try to capture what I see during moments like these.

What it is: Common bird behavior.
He is simply rubbing his beak on the branches.
It is what birds do. How he cleans his beak.
What I see: A coy glance.
My rose colored viewfinder imagines this engaging glimpse
is wholeheartedly intended to endear me and then you.

It worked. He captured my heart.
Hook, line and sinker.

How about you?


  1. Yes! He's captured my heart too! This is a FABULOUS post!!!!

    PS - I see him in a "Tuxedo" :)

  2. Nice series on the Nuthatch, Debbie

  3. Oh Debbie, a most enjoyable post! This handsome nuthatch and so many others have captured my heart too. You express your thoughts in such a charming manner. Wonderful images of interesting bird behavior. A joy to read this post and view your great photos! I smiled the entire time I read your blog :)

  4. great series - great text - I like the posing one :-)

  5. Awesome post!!! I think I have that same rose-colored view finder! He is adorable and so is your narration. I'm sure that was a coy glance...

  6. Getting sharper views of birds like The White-breasted Nuthatch is one of the things I enjoy about winter birdwatching.Your photos and words make me anxious to get back out in the woods again.