Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn Photo Workshop

This is my daughter Becki. She recently took a 7 hour car ride with me and was a guest at this Autumn photography workshop. As the photographers did their thing, Becki did hers. She pulled out her sketch pad and pencils and viola a beautiful Barred Owl suddenly appeared on her pad. She amazes me!

I think the Barred Owl is humbled by her sketch.

Here the beautiful Barred Owl hoots for Janet as she photographs it's adorable personality. Janet, my sister and I enjoyed the day photographing the residents of Howell Nature Center.

This is Circe a 20+year old Great Horned Owl that resides at the Howell Nature Center in Michigan. Many of it's residents are not able to be released back into their natural habitats due to injuries. The photo shoots are fund-raising educational events that benefit and help care for the animals that live at the center. Today Circe blessed us with an abundance of natural charisma and charm during the photo shoot.

It was a joy to be in his presence and photograph him.
The Great Horned Owl is my favorite owl. Circe is gorgeous!

Mr. Groundhog hesitates with a curious pose.
This was my first time ever seeing one, they are much bigger than I thought.

The opossum was adorable inside the log peeking out.

Slurp! Look at that tongue and those sweet ears! Awe.

A Gray Phase Eastern Screech Owl in the sunshine.

Hmm ... something caught it's attention.
This owl was sweet and curious during the shoot today.

A Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl perfectly perched.

He was sleepy and sweet. Beautiful.

Today was this Kestrel's first photo shoot and my first time seeing one up close.
I often see them while driving along country roads perched on telephone wires. As the car approaches, the kestrel flies ahead another fifty feet or so always staying just far enough away.
Being so close to one was wonderful! The colors were just brilliant in the sunshine.

The Eagle possesses such beauty and strength and is always a joy to view and photograph.

This was the October 17 Autumn Workshop hosted by Steve Gettle.
It was wonderful. Good advice and captivating residents that capture your heart.


  1. Not only a great photographer but a wordsmith too :)
    Favorite photos are the first photo with Becki (very interesting parallel)and the opossum slurping up the last of his afternoon treat. Very nice series!

  2. Wonderful Photos! Great Workshop! The Opossum with its tongue out is precious!

  3. Magnificent shots!
    The pic with the opossum sticking out its tongue is just precious :D

  4. Oh my goodness.... these are stunning! WOWZA!

  5. Debbie, each and every one of these photos is wonderful! I love reading your creative thoughts and expressions while viewing the fabulous images. What a glorious array of beautiful animals you viewed! Thank you for letting us join you at the workshop. I see creative talent is shared by all in the family.

  6. A heartfelt thank you for the kind words, views and tweets on this post. The experience was absolutely wonderful, even more so to me because it was shared with family and a good friend. Howell Nature Center is a great place, if you are ever in the area .. visit. They would love to see you!

  7. Outstanding photographs!!!! Wow, your possum is WAY cuter than the ones I've seen!! LOL Great post!

  8. Wonderful photos Debbie! Looks as if you had a very enjoyable day. :)