Monday, July 5, 2010

Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird ... Lily of the Lake

Bug PatrolA female Red-winged Blackbird searching within the lily pads
of WildWing Lake, Milford Michigan.

She is in the perfect position ... cleverly cupped just above the water's surface.

Listening carefully with eyes peeled.
She is primed and ready.

Lifting up for a perfect birds eye view.
Her eye then suddenly locks on target.
She sees her next meal.

Her technique , the dine and dash.

She then pauses with a bountiful beak full of bugs.

A delicious dragonfly, her next choice in this all you can eat buffet.

WildWing Lake is paradise to her.
She sits looking like a queen on the lake.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her during my visit.
A few Nature-ally Beautiful Moments appreciated , shared.


  1. Beautiful photo series! It's like the leaf is her throne.

  2. wonderful set of photos - just perfect perched on that lily pad.


  3. Excellent series!! Looks like she had a nice meal :)

  4. Debbie, wonderful post! Fabulous words & outstanding photographs. I love the photos of Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird perched in the "cupped" lily pad. The in flight image is especially nice too. Great series!

  5. She dances like a ballerina on the lily pads! Great series and wonderful memories of our day together.

  6. ...I love this series--beautiful shots!

  7. Thank you kindly everyone for the wonderful comments. I was thoroughly captivated by her as she surreptitiously tiptoed through the lily pads as if it were her private realm.