Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meandering Mallards

A Mallard hen and four chicks casually drift along the Horizon
on the Fox River in Batavia Illinois.

This was my view from the fishing areabelow the dam on the Batavia Riverwalk.

The chicks stay close to mama as she sizes up the waterfall
they are about to journey into.

Confidently she approaches the cascades with her chicks at her side.

The bravest one pulls ahead for a peek.

Mama backpedals making sure the babes go first.
They seem ready.
So how do ducks go over a waterfall?

Backwards! How fun.

Made me smile, made my day.
It was thrilling to watch!

All safe and sound they gather at the bottom of the dam.
They then just casually continue to meander along the Fox River.

A fleeting moment in the life of Mallard enjoyed, shared.
Ah ... the little things.

Nature-ally Beautiful Moments.


  1. Debbie, I love this post! What a wonderful sighting. Terrific photos. Your descriptions are perfect. Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face :D

  2. What a great little collection of shots! So true, the little things make life fun and make photography of nature such a rewarding endeavor! Glad I found a tweet from @hummingbird2 featuring your site! I share your interest, you can find me around and about as Our Enchanted Garden (twitter, facebook, or just google me! Nice to meet you!

  3. What a wonderful set of photos - made me smile a lot!

  4. Oh my gosh....that is just the cutest post ever! I love these photos and the story they tell!

  5. Oh, that 5th photo is precious! They must have been terrified, but after that they won't be afraid of anything, I bet!

  6. Beautiful pictures, fruos blog, congratulations

  7. Thanks everyone :) I am thankful for peripheral vision. I was photographing moments from my July 12, 2010 Dabbling Ducks post when I saw this Mallard family approaching the dam. A right place right time moment. I was lucky to have had a view (although a little more distant than I would have preferred)from below. About five minutes after the Mallard family had gone over the falls, a couple approached me below the dam. They had a top view and didn't get to see them actually go over or safely move on. They were very concerned and anxiously asked if I had seen the babies go over the falls!... and were they okay? I was happy to be able to report to them the good news.