Monday, June 14, 2010

Birds of a Feather ...

...Love Nature TogetherSharing your passions with friends is good for the soul.
To many more Nature-ally Beautiful moments like these ...

Twitter, Blog, and Facebook friends
Julie @Hummingbird2 and Debbie @HooootOwl
sharing our love for birds, nature and photography
at North Pond in Chicago.

Julie shared this little pocket of paradise in Chicago
with us (my husband Paul and I) early this June.
I was excited to hear about the Black-crowned Night Heron that frequent the area.
My hopes were high .... within minutes we came upon a pair, one barely visible.

First Glimpse
A Black-crowned Night Heron, hidden within the green of this tree.
The tree grew as if it was reaching over the pond.
I tried every angle, this was the best view. Onward.

A mallard and turtle share the sun on a log

There are so many little things to appreciate here.
So many beautiful views ... quiet moments to bask in.
They say take time to enjoy the little things in life.
This is just the place to do that.

Seeing Wood Duck today was a special treat for us.
Paul and I are very partial to Wood Duck. You can read why
in the 'close to my heart' story here.

This immature Wood Duck captured our attention for a while.
Such a cute little ragga-muffin look to it.

We were mesmerized watching it ....

Yes all three of us!

A Black-crowned Night Heron was just a few feet away,
sitting in the water like a duck.
A sitting duck, and we missed it!
I must say though that the immature Wood Duck WAS worth it.

It flew just a few hundred yards away... look he is laughing at us.

Enough of that, time to turn around ...
maybe a fish is on the other side.

He waited and watched, we did the same .... patience.

Oh ... what's that? He humps his back, looks and listens.

Crouching lower .... more focus ... wait for it!

The arch and point ... are you ready?

The plunge!
Look you can see it's eye just at the water's surface.

And capture!
... Or not. We didn't actually see what, if anything
was captured. It flew off right after this plunge.
Those shots were blurry ... like my aging sight.

A few more views of today's beautiful
Black-crowned Night Heron at the pond.

Visualize an old pair of jeans or coat lined with pockets.
Imagine going through those pockets.
Suddenly you find a hidden pocket and are amazed by it's contents.
That is what North Pond is like.
An unexpected nature-rich little pocket of Chicago.

Thank you so much Julie for sharing this pocket with us today.
It was a wonderful day and treasured time spent with you friend.

Future North Pond posts from this visit will feature
an adorable interaction between a Wood Duck pair
and some dragonflies that kept us captivated for some time (the little things).
Sightings today at North Pond:
  • Black-Crowned Night Heron (three)
  • Wood Duck (Male, Female, babies and immature)
  • Mallard (Male, female and immature)
  • Blue-winged Teal (pair)
  • Coot
  • Canadian Geese
  • Several different kind of dragonfly (not sure of ID)
  • Bold Red-winged Blackbird
  • House Sparrow
  • turtles

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  1. An amazing set of pictures, Debbie. Love your description of the Wood duck and Black-crowned-Night heron behaviors. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Julie exploring nature and sharing a beautiful bond of friendship.

  2. This is really awesome photo collection.I am very glad to see these all pics.You have taken these all photos in perfect sequence.

  3. So great that the two of you got together and did some birding..always fun to meet our cyberfriends in person.

  4. Debbie, such a wonderful post! You captured some memorable moments of our excursion through marvelous photos & magical word descriptions. I still chuckle when I think of the "sitting duck" Black-crowned Night Heron. Your final photo is especially lovely, with 3 beautiful common sightings at North Pond. Thank you for all the kind sentiments. It was a delightful day, filled with nature and new friendships that I will always treasure. Looking forward to our next adventure ... and your future posts!

  5. Thanks everyone it was a wonderful day enjoying nature with our new friend of a feather. Today was filled with many memorable moments ... thanks again Julie for sharing this camouflaged piece of paradise in Chicago ... this place is magical!