Saturday, May 22, 2010

My My ... Magnolia!

A stealthy masked migrant emerging from the forest edge.


perching, searching,

enjoying the buffet in this leafy bug infested bush.

My my ... the breathtaking beauty of a Magnolia Warbler.

Mmmm ... a tasty treat.

Then inconspicuously back in the bush.

Magnolia Warbler during spring migration
at Magic Hedge, Chicago Illinois
May 2010

You may also enjoy views of the Common Yellow-throat warbler
, in addition to
the Least Flycatcher and Ruby Crowned Kinglet from a recent visit.


  1. I love Magnolia Warblers. I was privileged to see one at the Gilbert Water Ranch in Arizona when I lived there. Very cool bird and great photos!

  2. super bird- one i have not spied as yet


  3. Debbie, GORGEOUS Magnolia Warbler photo series. They are especially beautiful birds. The "feel" of your images are so very lovely ... soft, peaceful and quiet. I too was thrilled to see several Magnolia Warblers at Magic Hedge recently.

  4. Oh, wow, what a thrill it must have been to see this gorgeous warbler. This warbler is at the top of my list of beautiful warblers. I have never seen one in the wild, yet.

  5. WOW Debbie - he is GORGEOUS! I would LOVE to see one of these!!

  6. This, the Indigo & Scarlett were my fav's while at ye old Magic Hedge with you on Sunday, although my pics did not compare to yours, we'll have to plan to go back and see what we can (hopefully) see :)

  7. Thank you everyone for your very nice comments. This was an adorable bird to watch, so foxy. I thought of Robin Hood making his wily way through the forest ;)

    Gilbert Ranch in AZ sounds like a wonderful place Robert. Happy to hear you spied this sly little warbler there.

    Wishing you magic Magnolia moments, Dan, Janet and Kerri in the near future. It is a beautiful bird to enjoy while birding. They move in such an artful way.

    Pat, Dawn and Julie I so admire your photography too. Thank you so much.

    Mary Jo my favorite was the Scarlett Tanager. Love love it's bold & radiant redness. That bird looks so confident it is striking. One of those birds that make you 'rubberneck' it every time!

    Julie and Mary Jo, I look forward to future 'magic' moments at the hedge with you both.