Monday, May 17, 2010

Birds Eat The Strangest Things

Good BirdEvery spring I look forward to the return of the sweet
song and beautiful blue hues of the Indigo Bunting.

This weekend my husband and I went to Lake Shabbona to search.
Within minutes of entering the campground area an unmistakable brilliant
blue bird caught our eye bouncing around in the grass along the roadside.

It was enjoying a little grass seed.

The bunting took notice of us but really was more interested in the seed.

Grass seed wasn't the only thing the Indigo Bunting enjoyed here today.

Suddenly the bunting dove it's face and beak
into a dandelion that had gone to seed.

Pulling and twisting it's beak around ...

and around.

... finally coming up with a beakful of dandelion fluff.

Dandelion is usually thought of as an annoying weed,
especially once it has gone to seed.
As a child I enjoyed blowing the fluff while making a wish.
As an adult I cringe at the sight of it floating toward my lawn.

The earth definitely yields a bountiful harvest of dandelion seed.

Good bird.

Indigo Bunting Lake Shabbona May 2010

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  1. Wonderful pictures - lovely bird


  2. Oh what a FABULOUS series of shot of the Indigo Bunting. I LOVE these little birds!!

  3. Debbie, Wow! What a beautiful series of photos! Indigo Buntings are especially gorgeous birds. Great job capturing the amazing feather colors & behavior of the buntings.

  4. Fantastic series on the Indigo Bunting. They are an incredibly beautiful bird. I enjoyed this series very much, made me feel like I was right there with you and Paul on the walk.

  5. Oh wow! Those indigo colors are amazing. Great job creating those images!

  6. Lovely! Did you shoot these last weekend when you guys were out?

  7. Such wonderful comments! Thank you so much everyone!

    Janet, We will be in your neck of the woods soon. June-ish (I will FB or DM you when & we can make plans) I look forward to hours of walking, talking, and clicking cameras friend :)

    Mary Jo, Yes just this past weekend. A pair of Indigo buntings hung around this campsite and captured our attention for quite a while. They were just so BLUE...tiful!