Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

While watching cuddly and duddly owl from Great Horned nest #3 this season,
I observed a Wood Duck in the adjacent tree.
My first thought was ... oh no, sitting duck in Great Horned Owl territory!

Mr. Wood Duck sitting pretty in the tree next to the Great Horned Owl nest.
This was my first time actually seeing one in a tree.

I watched the wood duck attempt to enter this cavity just a few trees away from the great horned nest. A group of not so darling starlings cut him off at the pass. I was full of emotions ranging from scared that the Mr. Gho would hunt, capture and feed the duck to it's babies. Annoyed that the starlings muscled him away and excited about the possibility of seeing nesting wood ducks.
The thought of seeing bouncing baby wood ducks fledge from their nest thrilled me. It is my hope that a wood duck family is successful in it's attempt to nest here.

The following day I was searching for a Prothonotary Warbler recently sighted in this park near the Kishwaukee River. While searching I came upon this cavity, and saw something inside! At first glimpse my guess was ... ohhh a Wood Duck! Obviously the hope still fresh in my mind. I could actually see it's back and the back of it's head and neck! Can you see it?
I was surprised too.

Sigh. Just a raccoon.
Mr. Masked Bandit giving me those gotta love me eyes.
I do.


  1. Great series Debbie
    Love the Owlets

  2. Wonderful shots. I love LOVE the owls on the top. The raccoon peeking out is pretty cute too.

  3. how exciting to see the nest - i am jealous

    great shots


  4. Thanks everyone. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Wood Duck family's nesting success!

  5. Super neat post, Debbie! I especially like the owlets and 'coon sticking his head out photos:-)

  6. all amazing photos! love the owlet and the coon shot in its tree house.

  7. I'm just gonna have to take a road trip to DeKalb soon... :)

  8. Thank you so very much Cindy and Dawn, I have really enjoyed watching the owlets this season. The coon was quite a surprise, first glimpse had me fooled!

    Mary Jo, Oh, come this weekend!!! Before they are gone. One baby owl still in the nesting tree. I thought they were blown from nesting tree last Thursday during those 40 mph winds. They shimmied way up in the tree and snuggled together, and then stayed there for a few days. I went yesterday, one owlet was still there, one has fledged. Father GHO always watching in nearby tree. I didn't locate the baby who fledged yet. Come this weekend, we can explore. I haven't seen the wood ducks since this shoot. I will show you that tree and those snarly starlings (can't miss em) who have been pushing all the lovely prospective cavity dwellers away.
    Miss ya lots, would love to see ya!