Saturday, April 24, 2010

Owl Bloopers

2010 Great Horned Nest #1 N.I.U. Lagoon

I have had the pleasure of photographing three different Great Horned Owl nests in DeKalb, Illinois during the 2010 nesting season. The N.I.U. owlets had fledged to the tree tops in early April this year. One of my visits was right before a rain. The owlets were busy and active. I have noticed my feeders at home become busy and active just before and during a rain or snow storm. The fact that my feeders are more active with birds before a rain and the owls were active before this rain may be a coincidence, but I did find it to be an interesting similarity.
During one visit two of the three babies were high in the tree tops.
One was all over the place perfecting it's flying/landing skills.

Landing on a branch and balance were the obvious objectives.
Baby steps.

Steady now.

Ground work
During this visit two owlets had fallen to the ground while flying from tree to tree. One baby made flight all the way across the lagoon then landed near the edge. It stayed there during my entire visit. One parent stayed close to that baby in a nearby tree. The other parent kept watch in the small wooded patch, where the second owlet had fallen. This owl did make it back up into the trees by itself during my visit.

The owlet puffs out it's feathers to appear bigger.

The owlet became very attached to the smallest branches/twigs on this tree.
Use every thing in your grasp to achieve success in life.

If at first you don't succeed ...

Try, try again.

and again ...

and again.

Hanging on by a beak and a prayer.

Whooo hooo!


  1. great post and pics, how wonderful to be able to watch that


  2. An absolutely FABULOUS post!! Great captures!!

  3. These are GREAT!!! How fun to see and what great shots you got.

  4. LOVE these, Debbie. Thanks for posting!

  5. Wow...stunning all around!!!

  6. What a beautiful post! I love owls!! Cathy

  7. That was a really neat post and photog, Debbie!! Wonderful!!

  8. Excellent post and photos!! What wonderful action to see, and you captured it so well!

  9. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. It really WAS exciting to witness! I sported an unending smile during the entire shoot. They are just so adorable!

  10. These are great. Great experience. Love it. Good captions with the pictures.

  11. Thank you so very much Kerry and Dawn, I really appreciate your kind comments. I'm still smiling!