Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eagle Miss

Tracking Practice
Juvenile Bald Eagle catching a fish ... can you tell?

A favored part of bird photography for me, is capturing the action of birds in flight.
I think eagles are the perfect bird to practice on.
Some shots just get away from you, literally.

Juvenile Eagle flies by

Many shots you just delete. Some you keep to remind you of the shot you missed.
These are the shots that keep you going out for more.

I wasn't the only one working on my skills today.

Just a few fun shots I missed of the eagles from this weekend's Eagle Watch
at Lock & Dam 14.


  1. Great post Debbie! Yes, we're always shooting for that one shot that got away.

  2. Still great and I can totally relate.

  3. A terrific and very educational post. Love the photos.

  4. Thanks everyone, I still really like these shots too. This might sound odd but they are actually some of my favorites. I felt like a kid in a candy shop going through the pictures after this shoot :)