Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wondering Wednesday

Brown Creeper
I watched this busy little bird creep up this tree while searching the crevices
then fly down to the bottom and start over several times before moving onto the next tree.

It was so busy looking for something to eat it didn't even notice me.
Very focused on what ever is under the bark.

I was able to creep up close enough to get a nice shot
of the camouflage pattern and texture of it's unique feathers .

It is winter. What is under that bark?
I wonder what kind of insect the creeper finds in January.


  1. what wonderful photos, i can never seem to get close enough for a good shot.


  2. Your creeper photos are superb - not an easy bird to find most times, much less get close to even with a good lens. A question - I accidentally right clicked a photo and got a copyright message. How do you protect your photos from being copied out of the blog?

  3. Thanks Dan and Chris,
    This is the first time I have been so close myself. I was lucky this little creeper was sooo engrossed in what it was doing it didn't notice me at all!
    Chris try this link for no right click, disable copy and paste. Follow the directions.