Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hand Feeding Wild Birds

A delicious treat for the birds

My husband and I always stop to feed the birds on the way to my sisters house in Michigan. This visit I brought a special treat for them. It is called WaxSnax. I have been saving this delicious treat for our visit and was happy to see how much the birds loved it.

Our first visitor was this Downy Woodpecker. It is looking my husband in the eye before taking a treat from his hand. There are no words to describe the experience.

Here the Woodpecker chooses just the right WaxSnax.

We purchased WaxSnax from Duncraft. They are dried roasted waxed worms from wax bee moth larvae. They are high in fat and protein, a perfect winter treat for the birds. It is very easy to store this treat for the birds. It lasts a long time. Today we mixed the WaxSnax with black oil sunflower seed. It was a winning combination attracting four different birds to our hands today. Each bird ate both the WaxSnax and black oil sunflowers seeds during our visit.

The Tufted Titmouse likes what he sees .....

..and chooses a yummy WaxSnax.

The Black-capped Chickadee pushes a few seeds aside for the WaxSnax.

Here a White-breasted Nuthatch chooses a black oil sunflower seed.

Hmmm.... what to pick next?

We had a wonderful day with the birds!
Try this winning combination while hand feeding
or for backyard feeders you will be as happy as the birds.


  1. Awesome...I am so jealous!!! Kim and I try to coax other birds to come to us but only the Black-capped Chickadees do.
    Fabulous photos!!!

  2. Oh what a fabulous post! We've had chickadees, nuthtaches, and titmice feed but NEVER a Downy! OH My....that is amazing!! LOVE this post!

  3. These photos are so precious. I am so happy you were able to experience the fun and joy of hand feeding birds. Their little feet are so delicate they almost tickle. I need to get some of the WaxSnax for my next visit to Kensington.

  4. I will have those lovely treats in my freezer for your next visit - maybe I'll even try them in my yard...

  5. Impresionante!! Sin duda una experiencia maravillosa!!!Enhorabuena por tan bello y memorable encuentro!!Enhorabuena y un saludo desde el Delta del Llobregat!!

  6. Super series Debbie
    Never seen so many kind handfeeding
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you everyone, this experience is pure joy. It is a joy to feed them, feel their precious touch, photograph them and when they look you in the eye, well you just ... SMILE!

  8. Wonderful and look like soo much fun! I am going to have to work with my birdies in trying this!