Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful ... Winter Squirrels Are So Delightful

Icy snowy days and squirrels, together they create a wintery canvas. This canvas is the very definition of Nature-ally Brrr...eautiful moments. Remember to take time to enjoy these moments, before they melt.
Like most people I hate snowy winter storms. Almost everything about them makes me sigh. Driving in it, shoveling it, walking, slipping on it .... bla bla bla the list is long. But one thing, my favorite thing about a winter storm is that first icy coating left on trees after the storm. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

I enjoy photographing squirrels very much also. Their curious nature captures my attention, mine captures their attention, then click .. click .. snap .. snap photos abound.

The images of the icy tree squirrel were taken in a tree in my front yard. He didn't fall! Like an acrobat he slid from branch to branch.

The snowy flower pot scenes were in my backyard during a winter advisory. The squirrel was obviously very hungry and able to withstand the cold blustery snow.

The scruffy balding squirrel was taken at the end of last winter on a trash can in a park.
Poor little thing was looking for scraps. You can see it was a long winter for him.

What better way to share these moments ... literally frozen in time:
Winter Squirrel Boxed NoteCard Set: #011

Happy Winter

8 pack #011 Winter Squirrels Set - 2 of each image
Nature-ally Beautiful boxed sets come in a clear plastic box. Each set features four images and contain eight cards with envelopes. They are blank on the inside. Two of each image.
Perfect for thank you cards, thinking of you, winter, and just a note cards.

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