Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Foggy Morning Photo Walk

Fabulous Fog

This foggy morning scene was photographed on Lake St. Clair in New Baltimore Michigan. I went for an early morning photo walk with my sister during a recent November weekend visit with her. This morning she wanted to photograph fog, a steeple and an octagon for a camera club she belongs too. The lake was simply beautiful, the fog was thick but lifting, slowly vanishing right before our eyes.

The sun was already up and breaking through the fog as we recorded it's presence. It had this subtle strength revealing a smooth satiny glow.

It was peaceful ...

.. and quiet.

Dewy grass, the morning light and someone fishing in the fog.

How interesting to view this abandoned life guard chair after the summer season has faded. It continues to represent a place of safety or refuge and appears to be the haven at the end of this foggy November morning on Lake St.Clair.

A sandy beach view of the pier that seems to stretch across the lake through the morning fog.

A misty morning it is not ... without a glistening spiderweb.

Our next stop Main Street ... New Baltimore Michigan where glory shines through the fog.

The beauty of small town U.S.A.

Then off to find and photograph a steeple and an octagon. We found the steeple in the obvious place, a church. The octagon we found in the gazebo right next to the steeple. An interesting combination of things to photograph this morning on our photo walk.

Then finally it was time for breakfast ... yep donuts! We walked into a quaint small town shop called Cafe Donut Station. Look at those mouth watering donuts! Homemade delicious donuts, ripe for the picking ... and pick them we did. A dozen plus a bag of donut holes to go. They had a good variety of donuts, fritters and cinnamon buns to choose from. They also served fresh brewed coffee and had a counter with stools full of satisfied customers enjoying their morning.

Delicious donuts and home brewed coffee. Yes, yes.

Photography is one of the many passions that my sister and I share. We have fun connecting daily on our Two Sisters Two Cameras Two States Apart Blog called Juxapose You Were A Camera. On Twitter my sister is @LV2Shutterbug and I am @HooootOwl Follow the photo brick road!... and us!


  1. Great photos! I love the ones of the lake wiht the morning sun and fog.

  2. Oh they are all so fantastic it would be hard for me to have a favorite....but I especially LOVE the one with the lifeguard chair....and the FLAGS...LOVE those!

  3. Beautiful photos, Debbie. Like the ones with the spider webs. Keep up the good work.

  4. Donuts..Donuts..yumm..As a child my grandparents gave me the nickname.. Dawnie Donut..i was three years old and would go next door to my grandparents for donuts every day...Those donuts look beautiful..
    ok enough of the donuts..your photos are Lovely..really enjoyed them all..

  5. It was an awesome morning -let do it again soon...