Sunday, November 1, 2009

Favorite Moments From My Fall Show

Moments .... experienced, appreciated, shared.

"Moon: Harvest Moon." declared a young boy looking at a photo on one of my Nature-ally Beautiful Cards at last week's Art/Craft show. "I learned all about the moon in third grade." he told me. "Our class charted it's phases throughout a month. Every night for homework I had to go outside, look at the moon and record what phase it was in. When it was too cold or raining I would just look it up on the internet." he shared before ending his recollection with, "But I still got a good grade!" His mother tousled his hair while smiling at me with a prideful gleam that was clouded with a smidge of embarrassment. One of my favorite things about being in a Art/Craft show is meeting the people who buy and peruse my work. I enjoyed hearing about the memory my photograph of the moon sparked for this young man as much as I enjoyed photographing the moon itself. This is the card that sparked this young man's story.

This 'Harvest Moon' image is one of four images in a Boxed Set titled "HARVEST TIME"
Each boxed set comes in a clear plastic box, features four images and contains eight cards with envelopes, two of each image.
My two favorite sales this weekend:
The first was a couple. The lady I met on Saturday. She was on vacation with her husband who was visiting friends while she shopped. As she browsed we shared stories, she pulled out her camera and asked for a few tips. I was surprised to see her Sunday with her husband. "We couldn't leave until he met you and saw your work." she said. They each picked up the same image (different sizes) to show each other & laughed. "Well that shows we've been together along time," he smiled. It was a Red-winged blackbird fledgling image. I think it looks like a little old man .. and coincidentally it is one of my favorites too.
Images can be viewed and/or purchased in my gallery
We talked/shared more stories .. they also purchased a framed piece of a male and female Merganser running across top of water just before flight and several more prints of the Red-winged Blackbird fledgling and family.
This print was a very popular view with many of my male customers this weekend.

My second favorite purchase from this show was from a young woman who wanted pictures to hang above her new fireplace. She spent two hours choosing. Yes, two hours! She announced that this never happens to her but because she loved so many images it was really hard for her to narrow it down to a few.
After finally deciding on a couple of my spider pictures she said, "I have never looked at bugs as being beautiful until I looked at them through your eyes." This comment of course made my day!
She also chose an image of two Eastern Kingbirds squawking at each other on a branch. These Eastern Kingbirds were looking for bugs one afternoon in May while I was picnicking with my husband. They were very playful and verbal with each other during our picnic. They didn't pay any attention to us because they were so busy frolicking and chasing bugs. The image below is a favorite of my customers. It is purchased every time I have a show. Last year the woman who bought it liked it because, "It looked like they were having a lover's quarrel."

Best selling Nature-ally Beautiful Cards from this show were:

Just A Note 014
Featuring a Downey Woodpecker visiting my daughter's hand for some seed.

Just A Note 010
Featuring a Great Egret from seen on the Fox River September 2009

Friendship Card 021
Featuring the Mallard ducklings from my Spring 2007 shoot at Northern Illinois University

Several Cards well received by my customers this show are not on my website yet but will be added soon. A card with my girlfriend's golden retriever puppy was one. It was actually my best selling card this weekend. I will also be working on adding Christmas Card sets very soon. Feel free to check back often for new additions.

Images requested to be added to my smugmug gallery from this show and my last show are my Great Horned Owl. I actually had a customer recognize my name in WILDBIRD magazine and remembered visiting my booth at a previous show. I don't know why this surprised me, but it did. He congratulated me and purchased several more Great Horned Owl images from this years show. His owl story was about a time that he walked past a sleeping owl on a fence. He thought coworkers were playing a practical joke on him until the owl's head moved as he passed. It's eyes however stayed shut as he walked by. He decided to try and get closer and was able to get right next to the owl as it's head subconsciously followed him. They were face to face when the owl finally opened it's eyes. It was startled and quickly flew off! Meeting the people who purchase and view my work and knowing who and where your images are is a nice perk that makes art/craft shows worth the time and effort that you put into them. These were a few of the favorite people I met and a few favorite purchases from this fall's show. I look forward to hearing and sharing more Nature-ally Beautiful stories at future shows.

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  1. Sounds like a great show and some cool sales! I love your harvest set. :-)