Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Autumn Afton Afternoon

Afton Forest Preserves in DeKalb County provides 240 acres of prairie, meadow and wetland beauty all year round. Today the sky was filled with enormous billowy clouds. It was the perfect backdrop for a nice Autumn hike in Afton.

Afton Forest Preserve is on Crego Rd. 1 and ½ miles south of Perry Rd. DeKalb, Illinois.

Today the bountiful Black-eyed Susan are bursting through the tall prairie grass along the path.

When we first arrived I pulled out my new binoculars and saw about five Eastern Meadow Lark flying around. They flew back and forth from the tall prairie grass to bare spots in the field. I was able to get a picture of this one. The rest saw me and my camera coming from a mile away.
There were many beautiful blossoms in the meadow to enjoy.

Now Look closely, some-birdy is hiding in the meadow.

Afton if full of native plants to the area.

Above a flock of Killdeer flea.
Below Mallard ducks.

Along the wetland trails we found Least Sandpipers ... I think. It was hard to see but I am pretty sure they had yellow legs. From what I understand the other 2 small peeps (western & semipalmated) have black legs.

Below I couldn't resit taking a photo of my honey. He was using my new binoculars and wearing my hat and gloves during our walk. It made me smile, I love this shot of him.

Some kind of flycatcher in this dead tree. Hmmm... maybe an Eastern Wood Pewee, Olive-sided flycatcher, Acadian flycatcher, Alder or Least flycatcher. The bill is short, black. Olive colored back, yellow tint on throat and tummy area, wings have white edge, no noticeable eye ring and a medium tail. My guess is an immature Eastern Wood Pewee because of the black bill and area seen.

Blue Heron and Canadian Geese are a given for just about every visit.

We stayed until the sunset and the new October moon made it's appearance. I especially loved the view of it from behind the prairie grass blowing in the crisp Autumn evening breeze.

The Afton Prairie Forest Preserve is on Crego Rd. 1 and ½ miles south of Perry Rd. DeKalb, Illinois. Go there for a hike, enjoy.


  1. Lovely photography, Debbie. Love the moon and setting sun. You do beautiful work! :) Patricia (aka trisketta)

  2. What a wonderful post with great pictures!

  3. That "some-birdy" hiding in the grass looks like a Savannah Sparrow. I think the flycatcher in the dead tree is an Eastern Phoebe. A wood-pewee or empid ought to have bolder wingbars.

  4. thank you so much for the comments and ID help .. much appreciated :)