Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekends are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Kingfisher along the Fox River

I love weekends! When Monday rolls around I wait for another two days off. I often think if I had just one more weekend day, I would be able to catch up on stuff around the house. But the reality is ... I would just relax or play outside more and continue to wish for that one more day to catch up. Last Saturday for example I stayed in my pajamas all day long, sat at my computer for a while then vegged on the couch the rest of the night in my warm socks with tea and a fantastic foot rub from my husband.

Sunday was even better. I took my new binoculars: the ones I just won from Wildbird Magazine's 21st annual photo contest and spend the entire day out side birdwatching with my husband. I have so enjoyed the gorgeous late late summer weather these past few weekends. As the new school year begins I truly value weekends like these. They are definitely worth their weight in gold.

We of course came across a few treasures while breaking in my new binoculars. My favorite find so far is the Belted Kingfisher we saw last weekend along the Fox River in Batavia Illinois.
While watching a Great Egret fish in the river, I noticed something hover above the egret and us. It was a Belted Kingfisher! Suddenly another one flew up and the two were off chasing each other back and forth while chatting up a storm. How exciting! We watched them fly over to a couple of trees along the shore across from us. The binoculars pinpointed the location for us so we decided to try and get a little closer. We figured they would be gone by the time we made it over to the trees they were playing in but decided to try anyway.

The Great Egret continued to fish. It was very interesting to watch as we made our way toward the Kingfisher. The egret would tilt it's head so that it was almost horizontal with it's body while eying it's next catch. It then started flying toward us on the shore line we were walking on, that is until it noticed us and made a u-turn to flew toward the opposite shore.

Then a little Mallard beauty along the way.
It's bright orange feet and yellow beak shine in the sunlight.

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker creeps along tree while catching bugs.

Then finally ... finally our Belted beauty.
We watched him preen and shiver before taking off.

Down the Fox River it flew ... skimming and catching fish. Then landed way down
the river where we no longer had access. It was an awesome sight/experience.

Thank you Wildbird Magazine for choosing my Great Horned Owl entry as your 2nd place winner in the amateur category. I love my new binoculars!


  1. Terrific shot of the Egret - way to be in the right place at the right time! The kingfishers are fantastic!!!

  2. Can I borrow those fabulous binoculars - maybe they will lead me to shots as wonderful as these...

  3. Congrats on winning the binos...your owl picture that won is awesome..
    Nice shots here as well!

  4. Gorgeous captures Debbie! The Great Egret shots are super but I am mostly jealous of the Belted Kingfisher photos. She is a beauty!

    Congratulations on the prize from Wildbird Magazine. I love your Great Horned Owlet.

  5. Congrats on the photo contest award for the owl fledgling. And I totally understand the need for a longer weekend.