Saturday, September 26, 2009


A couple of years ago this bird was a life bird for me. This is not an endangered or rare bird but a few years ago to me it was an exciting find. I heard this term before but I wasn't really sure what it meant. Recently on Twitter I found this tweet @Back2N8ure Do you know what a life bird is? . Another tweeter @Kolibrix does a Book Review: Life List by Olivia Gentile. Biograph of the birder Phoebe Snetsinger post on his Birding blog by Gunnar Engblom.

While out birding last weekend I came across this beautiful Killdeer foraging along the Fox River. A few years back I can remember wishing and wishing I could see one. Now I see them so often that sometimes I don't even give them a second thought. On this particular day however I reminisced of time spent birding with my sister a few years ago. She is a librarian and had checked out a bird field guide for my visit.

Before going out on our birding adventure my sister and I located this bird in the field guide and read about it's habitat and habits. I remember reading about it's distinctive cry like call often heard in flight. What I was most intrigued by however was the broken wing act they use to lead you away from their nest. I remember reading this part aloud to my sister before we left her house. I was amazed when we actually came upon a pair of them in one of the Metro parks near her home. And guess what they were doing. Yep! The broken wing act! This of course pulled us (respectfully) closer to them much to their chagrin. I couldn't believe that I was witnessing this just after reading about it only a few hours before. Below are the pictures I took that day with my sister. One of my first and most memorable birding adventures with my sister to this day.

Killdeer Nest
Broken Wing Act 1
Broken Wing Act 2
Broken Wing Act 3


  1. Very nice post Debbie! The photos the information..eggs...eggcelent!

  2. This was a lovely day; as a matter of fact it may have been the day I converted from backyard birdwatching to a real bird watcher. This day was favrite only to our recent bird whispering adventures these past two months...

  3. Love killdeers. We are fortunate enough to have a resident subspecies also here in Lima. I shall have to look out for the broken wing act.

  4. Enjoyed the post, Debbie. I've seen this excellent bird on visits to the US. How did it get the name? I have heard but forget now - something to do with the vocalisations?

  5. Thank you ... The Killdeer was named for the loud, cry like call sounds it makes while flying like "Kill-dee". I heard the alarming trilling "trrrrr" it makes while displaying it's broken wing act because our passing distressed the poor thing.