Friday, July 17, 2009


Vote to Win a Boxed
set of Kitty Kitty Cards
An avenue t
o creating a new set of Cards
Celebrating 'Button'
the Dabluz Shop Cat

How and where I found this gem
The Dabluz Boutique is a charming shop located on the first floor of the Historic Hotel Glenview in Mount Carroll, Illinois, built in 1886. I came upon this shop a few years ago when birding with my husband. We were on our way to Mississippi Palisades in search of Pileated Woodpecker. As we came into the town of Mount Carrol we passed the corner of Market and Clay St. on Hwy 78. A bake sale benefiting cancer was being advertised in front of the hotel. We thought that was a wonderful place to grab a few snacks for our trip. We paid for our goodies and stepped inside the hotel to check things out. A warm smile attached to a woman named Laura welcomed us into her shop, which at the time was hidden in a back room on the first floor. Upon entering it felt like I had just unearthed a hidden treasure grounds. I was surrounded by a variety of eclectic jewels, everything ranging from unique collectibles to homemade and recycled greeting cards. One particular card caught my interest immediately. The denim pocket card. The owner Laura made the card herself. I told Laura that I too make cards featuring mostly my nature photography. She was intrigued with my work and put some of my cards in her shop. Her quaint shop/my unique line of photo note cards a perfect fit. It turned out to be a fabulous day. I had a new place for my cards to be sold! .... The cherry on top was seeing a Pileated Woodpecker that day too!

In the past year it has been my honor to design a set of stationary, bookmarks and cards featuring the beautiful poem 'Morning Coffee' written by Laura Miller.

The boutique has since moved into the entire first floor and now has elbow room to spread out the many treasures inside. A trend setting Dabluz motto states 'blue is the new green', they pride themselves in recycling. Reuse, reuse, recycle ... anything from vintage jeans to old windows.

During one of my visits to her boutique I photographed 'Button' the shop cat. Now Button IS her name, but as the story goes .... she never answers to that. She responds well to Kitty Kitty. She has been living in Dalbuz boutique for the past two years after being rescued from a tree outside the hotel. Kitty Kitty is always somewhere in the shop. She is well loved by the boutique owners and customers. Many customers come to see her first, then shop. Button is the 'poster cat' for the shop. A can welcoming donations for Heartland Pet Welfare (a no kill organization for homeless cats) is always on the counter, look for it during your visit.

I have created a boxed set of cards featuring Button .... or Kitty Kitty the DaBluz shop cat. A set contains eight cards / two of each image. Three of the cards in the set are complete. The last image to be part of this set will be a viewers choice. I will be blogging the contest with choices to vote on in a few days. Voters will be entered into a pool, the winner will receive the first set of Kitty Kitty Cards. Here is a peek at the first three cards for the set.

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