Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Sisters With Two Cameras A Year Long Journey

Sisters that blog togetherJuxtapose this ...
My sister @Lv2Shutterbug and I @HooootOwl share a common interest in photography.
We have fun connecting daily on our Two Sisters Two Cameras Two States Apart Blog called Juxapose This. Mary Jo lives in Michigan and I live in Illinois. She sends me a candid or random photograph she recently took. I then choose a candid or random shot from one of my daily happenings and send them back to her to post. She has added her own special touch of a quote or comment for each post. We started last January and have just finished our first year. Today I celebrate the joy I have experienced doing this daily photo blog with my sister through out the year. I have chosen my favorite post for each month to share today on the very last day of 2009. Enjoy.

Chicago traffic perfectly captured by Mary Jo.
The taxi passes in a blur.
A true to life account of a typical taxi in the city.
My husband Paul is my juxtapose for January.
He locks focus with his binoculars while out birding with me.
Today we were following a lead on a Long-Eared Owl sighting.

The juxtapose I saw for this duo was the sphere/line visual. The colors pulled them together for me. I love this combo. My sister was in Phoenix at the desert botanical gardens. A glass/art exhibit was being showcased at the time. I was at Lock and Damn 14 at the Army Corps in Iowa. That is a barge behind the eagle who was ice fishing in the area during our visit. A great place to see eagles in February.

This was a geographical Juxtapose.
Mary jo's view was captured after a snowstorm in the mountains near Prescott, Arizona.
Mine a rustic Midwestern view of Illinois farm land in all it's flatness.

Mary Jo had corned beef and cabbage stewing in a pot one night for dinner.
My juxtapose is a seagull is having waterzooi for dinner tonight.

Mary Jo was amongst many words at the library.
She opened the dictionary to the word gauge.
I was birdwatching at Lock and Dam 13 and saw many American Coot.

The sunset Mary Jo captured here is breathtaking. I love the golden hues.
Bottom right, a Robin fledgling is enjoying an evening stroll.
The early bird above the Robin and the blossom celebrate morning views.

Juxtapose perspectives. Looking up in Chicago.The snail ... looking down and the turtle looking out.

A walk in the woods ... enjoyable views two states apart.

Juxtapose Hobbies.
Mary Jo loves yarn and crocheting.
I love canning.

Juxtapose the men in our lives.
My sister's husband plays golf.
My son, football.
We love the men in our lives.

This one may not make sense to anyone but me, but I love it.
I see a visual Juxtapose with the birch tree and the heron legs.

Juxtapose pets.
Mary Jo's dog, Shasta Baby in the land of nod.
My daughters cat, fawn taking a cat nap.

Not the end.

We will be continuing our Two Sisters With Two Cameras journey into 2010.
Pop in for a visit anytime, we would love to have you.

Wishing you a safe and healthy new year filled with peace, prosperity and love.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: For Paula

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful ... Winter Squirrels Are So Delightful

Icy snowy days and squirrels, together they create a wintery canvas. This canvas is the very definition of Nature-ally Brrr...eautiful moments. Remember to take time to enjoy these moments, before they melt.
Like most people I hate snowy winter storms. Almost everything about them makes me sigh. Driving in it, shoveling it, walking, slipping on it .... bla bla bla the list is long. But one thing, my favorite thing about a winter storm is that first icy coating left on trees after the storm. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

I enjoy photographing squirrels very much also. Their curious nature captures my attention, mine captures their attention, then click .. click .. snap .. snap photos abound.

The images of the icy tree squirrel were taken in a tree in my front yard. He didn't fall! Like an acrobat he slid from branch to branch.

The snowy flower pot scenes were in my backyard during a winter advisory. The squirrel was obviously very hungry and able to withstand the cold blustery snow.

The scruffy balding squirrel was taken at the end of last winter on a trash can in a park.
Poor little thing was looking for scraps. You can see it was a long winter for him.

What better way to share these moments ... literally frozen in time:
Winter Squirrel Boxed NoteCard Set: #011

Happy Winter

8 pack #011 Winter Squirrels Set - 2 of each image
Nature-ally Beautiful boxed sets come in a clear plastic box. Each set features four images and contain eight cards with envelopes. They are blank on the inside. Two of each image.
Perfect for thank you cards, thinking of you, winter, and just a note cards.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree ...

Tis the season to decorate ...
Today I am sharing images of ornaments that are on my family Christmas tree. The cute owls are from my HooootOwl Cafepress store and the sweet Carolina Wren is from Kerri Farr's Cafepress store. If anyone is interested in a unique gift for Owl lovers please visit my store. Kerri's store offers many beautiful choices for those interested in nature and birdwatching.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Visit to the Howell Nature Center

Wild Wonders Wildlife Park
The Howell Conference & Nature Center's Wildlife Rehabilitation program is dedicated to helping injured and orphaned creatures. Several habitat structures have been constructed on the grounds to promote a safe environment. They are simulated to provide a little natural habitat comfort for these permanently injured residential critters. Admission is free, but donations are always welcome. They also have a wish list: that includes but is not limited to items like unscented bleach and wild bird seed. Many programs are offered to promote environmental education here. It is a beautiful place so bring a camera when you come. We took a lovely stroll through the Wild Wonders trail today and enjoyed every second.

A Broad-winged and Rough-legged Hawk.

A little Black-capped Chickadee beauty along the path.

A Red-shouldered Hawk enjoying the sunshine.

Just A Note Card #018
Features a little hawk and Kestrel beauty from today's walk.
A new addition to my Nature-ally Beautiful Card line.

This little chickadee found a little snack.

Right in front of the office near the parking lot was this beautiful tree. When we first pulled up the tree was loaded with Cedar Waxed Wings. It was breathtaking! The very definition of morning beauty! So as I say this, I hang my head. I chose to walk into the office first and missed the opportunity to photograph them. I don't know why I thought they would just hang around and wait for me to be ready for them. However, I pick my head back up as I say this: Many other beautiful birds including these House Sparrows filled the branches looking for a little treat throughout the day ... I of course took the time to photographed their beauty in these branches.

This is my favorite shot of one of the House Sparrows today.

The Snowy Owl was a striking sight. Looks so inquisitive.

We had a few sightings of the Snowy Owls here in DeKalb Illinois last winter. I even had one fly right across the windshield of my car while searching the snowy cornfields here. Another missed shot! It was so close .... then miles away in the field, camouflaged by snow. I did get a few photographs of him, but nothing I am proud of. It's presence stirred excitement into our birding community last winter. I am hoping for a return visit/stay this winter. We chatted for a little while with the Snowy Owl here at the Howell Nature Center. It seemed very interested in the stories we shared.

More owls, a hawk and some squirrels.

These branches were a magnet to the birds during our visit. Here we watch a Tufted Titmouse bring seed from a nearby feeder into this beautiful tree to snack on.

Inspirational Note Card #048
Featuring my favorite shot of the adorable Tufted Titmouse from today's walk.
A new addition in my Inspirational category.

More beautiful tree shots, this time ... Blue jays.

Now look closely at at this Blue jay. It appears to have two eyes in this profile.

Another adorable titmouse along the path.

You are now leaving Wild Wonders

The location of the Howell Nature is Triangle Lake Road in Howell Michigan.